Electric Snowblower Buyer's Guide

Electric Snowblower Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Electric Snow Blower

Electric snowblowers are a quieter and more eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered snowblowers. They're lighter, easier to store, and much easier to maintain than gasoline-powered machines.

Whether you need a snowblower to clear a short sidewalk, or a machine to throw deep, 10-inch snow piles from your driveway, electric snowblowers are made in several different ways to meet the needs of various types of homeowners.


Corded and Cordless Electric Snowblower Comparison Chart


Corded Snowblowers

Corded Electric Snowblower

A corded snowblower is an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered snow blowers. Unlike power shovels, they feature easy-to-maneuver wheels and a chute to direct the discharged snow.

Plus, newer corded snowblowers feature more powerful motors, throwing up to 700 pounds of snow per minute. They are capable of handling 6-10-inch deep snow. In terms of overall handling and usability, a corded snowblower is a better choice than a power shovel, especially if you don't mind using a power cord.


Cordless Snowblowers

Cordless Battery-Powered Snow BlowerBattery-powered snowblowers used to have a reputation for being weaker machines that cost too much and do too little before needing to wait for a re-charge. The truth is, battery-powered blowers have only gotten better and longer-lasting as lithium-ion battery technology improves every year.


In doing some pre-season testing, we were pleasantly surprised by the power of new battery-powered snow blowers. Depending on your portability preferences, the gap in performance between corded and cordless electric snow throwers is virtually non-existent today, and cordless models have the added benefit of not tossing a power cord around your driveway while you work.


Lastly, technologically-progressive brands are making their snowblower batteries compatible with their other types of cordless power equipment, like a string trimmer, lawnmower, leaf blowers, and more, making them more versatile than ever.



Power Shovels

Electric Power Shovel for Snow Removal

Electric power shovels are really handy for sidewalks, decks, and patios where snowblowers just won't fit. These lightweight, snow-moving machines don’t have wheels or chutes. Instead, just plug them in and a paddle-style auger pushes the snow forward like a broom.

Weighing less than 15 lbs., a power shovel will save your back, however, you'll still get a workout carrying and pushing it around. You'll also have to use it multiple times on a snowy night to keep your driveway clear.

These shovels are ideal for light snow less than 4 inches deep in places larger machines can't access. Anything more substantial would be too much for this small, yet handy tool. But, this sure beats any hand-powered snow shovel!


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