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Best-Selling & Top-Rated Stump Grinders

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A tree stump can be an eye sore to your yard and can prevent you from making a space usable. Additionally, if you have a garden or plants nearby, a rotting stump can produce mold and fungi, bringing contamination to the entire area. It's clear that sometimes you just need to get rid of a stump. That's why a stump grinder can be a useful tool in your arsenal. It can turn an old stump into mulch.

Of course, there is a huge difference between a cheap stump grinder and the best stump grinder. When you are getting rid of a stump and changing the way your yard looks, you want to do a good job.

We've compiled lists of the best-selling, top-rated and expert-recommended stump grinders.

The lists aren't identical, but they feature some of the same models. Usually, consumers gravitate toward our expert recommendations.

Top 10 Selling Stump Grinders

Top 10 Rated Stump Grinders

Recommended Stump Grinders

Top Stump Grinders
Dosko 688cc Honda Electric Start Stump Grinder
The Dosko 620-20HE stump grinder is a pro grade unit that includes all the bells and whistles that anyone who makes their living doing landscaping work would be looking for. This is probably too much stump grinder for most individual property owners...
Bluebird 389cc Honda Stump Grinder
The Bluebird SG1314B stump grinder provides more efficient and precise cutting results due to its light weight and unique tooth design. This powerful machine will allow you to easily grind objects up to 12'' below the ground. The Bluebird SG131...
Dosko Mini 196cc Honda Stump Grinder
The Dosko 200-6HC stump grinder combines high-quality construction, unique operator safety features and a user-friendly design to meet all of your tree care needs. The Dosko 200-6HC is powered by a Honda GX200 engine with oil shutdown sensor. It ...

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