Why Air Tools Are Superior

Why Air Tools Are Superior

How To Make The Switch From Electric Tools To Air Tools

Home improvement battles aren't won with a single weapon, but with the right combination of tools.


As with modern warfare, air power is the key. One of the biggest advantages is that air tools do not require their own motors, which makes them smaller, lighter, and easier to handle.


We'll look at three main reasons why a growing number of do-it-yourselfers are pulling the plug on their electric tools in exchange for air tools.


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Power to Weight

Air tools deliver more torque and higher revolutions per minute than an electric-powered tool, enabling users to accomplish their tasks more quickly and effectively. 




A homeowner who switches to pneumatic tools will find the less expensive air tools and accessories quickly offset the air compressor expense. When you buy an air compressor, you're getting one powerful motor instead of a dozen small little motors that burn out. Many air tools last a lot longer than electric-powered tools.




Whether you're inflating tires and backyard pools or building elaborate decks, air tools are an easy-to-interchange alternative to electric-powered tools. A well-stocked garage can use a variety of air tools for different tasks, including an impact wrench, spray gun, finish nailer, brad nailer, and ratchet wrench. The simplicity of having one power source for all of these tools is hard to beat.


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