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Hydraulic Power for All Your Heavy Machinery Needs

How Hydra Buddy Power Packs Save You Time & Money

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Hydraulic-powered equipment plays a major part in keeping farms, construction sites, and even military operations up and running.

However, the hydraulic power used to operate that equipment has to come from somewhere.

While many newer tractors can provide hydraulic power, you don't want to tie up your tractor all day to power a single piece of equipment.

Nor do you want to put so many hours of operation on your tractor and burn excessive amounts of gas in the process.

Hydra Buddy hydraulic power packs are the solution to this predicament. They provide dependable hydraulic power, free-up your tractor for other tasks, use less fuel to get the job done, and require less maintenance than a large tractor engine.

hydra buddy 1Hydra Buddy Serves Many Hydraulic Needs
There are many different applications that the Hydra Buddy can serve. Some of the more common applications are cattle chutes, grain augers, and conveyors.

In addition to farming, there are many other industries that benefit from the use of hydraulic power packs. They're often used by the military, used in construction equipment, paper mill and meat processing machinery, aerospace test equipment, marine equipment, oil fields, and even automation.

Next time you see a bull dozer, a skidsteer, or an excavator, look for high-pressure hoses. When you press the brakes in your car to stop at a red light, know that hydraulic fluid is being pumped to the brakes through high-pressure hoses to create the pressure that stops the car. Hydraulic power is used in so many applications, it'd take a lot more that one page to list them all.

hydra buddy 2However, most hydraulic power is generated by very large machines. When you need hydraulic power that you can take with you, that's when you reach for a Hydra Buddy. These handy little portable hydraulic power packs can be used to generate hydraulic power anywhere you need it. They're great for farms and construction sites, but they'll essentially work for any hydraulic-powered purpose you may have.

With these, you can take it with you in the back of a truck or trailer. This is great on a farm where you may need hydraulic power in more than one location at the same time during the day, yet only have one tractor capable of providing hydraulic power. Now you can use the tractor in one location and the Hydra Buddy in another.

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Hydraulic Power Pack Components & How They Work Together
hydra buddy 3Every hydraulic power pack must have the same basic components in order to supply pressurized hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic machinery it's powering.

To start off, The hydraulic reservoir can come in different sizes, and this must be sized to the equipment it's being used with. The hydraulic reservoir holds the hydraulic fluid that becomes pressurized and forced through the high pressure hoses.

To get things moving, the motor starts and runs the pump. Without it, nothing will work. Motors come in different sizes to provide different levels of power to run different sized pumps, which leads to the next major component - the pump.

The hydraulic pump is needed to move and pressurize the hydraulic fluid through the system. As the pump runs, it pulls hydraulic fluid from the reservoir into the inlet line, which then draws it into the pump. Then it pushes that hydraulic fluid out into the hydraulic system where it becomes pressurized.

Every unit also has regulators, which are vitally important to the function of the power pack. The regulators are used to control the amount of pressure that's being delivered by the power pack.

Once the hydraulic fluid is pressurized and ready to be sent to the hydraulic machinery being used, it needs a vessel by which it can be delivered. This leads to the next important component - the high pressure hoses (or lines). There are generally a couple of different kinds of high pressure lines - the supply lines and the relief lines.

hydra buddy 4The supply lines will deliver the high pressure fluid to the machine, and Hydra Buddy power packs have very conveniently designed supply lines that can be quickly connected and disconnected to save you time switching between chores.

The relief lines are equally as important for other reasons. They will relieve excess pressure between the hydraulic pump and the valves. They are also responsible for directing the flow of the hydraulic fluid through the system.

Then to keep the hydraulic fluid free of corrosive particulates, you need hydraulic filters in place. These filters catch and remove particulates from the hydraulic fluid to keep them from damaging other components. Without the filters in place, the particulates can get stuck and build up, causing issues with surface tension and possible leaks in the lines. It's important to change these filters regularly to maintain optimal flow of hydraulic fluid through the system and remove particulates as they're captured.

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