Two-Stage Snow Blower Buying Guide

Two-Stage Snow Blower Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Two-stage snow blowers are a massive step up from a single-stage or electric snowblowers. Not only can they plow through a foot or more of snow without slowing down, but they also come with many coveted accessory options like heated handles, electric start, and power steering.

If you never want to struggle again while clearing your driveway and sidewalk, read more about the types of two-stage snow blowers meant for serious snow removal.

 Two-Stage and Three-Stage Snowblower Comparison Chart



Entry-level two stage snow blower

If you just want to blow deep snow, you can’t go wrong with an entry-level, two-stage snowblower. They will always outperform any electric or single-stage unit.

They can attack deep snowdrifts – including the mountain at the end of your driveway – without breaking the bank. Think of them as an economy grade unit. They can tackle the task with just basic components and features.

How to Pick the Perfect Entry-Level Two-Stage Snow Blowers



Mid-grade two stage snow blower

Mid-grade snowblowers are obviously bigger, beefier, and stronger, throwing snow as much as 10 feet farther than their entry-level cousins. The majority of models come equipped with interlocking controls and halogen headlights, helping to light the way during the darkest days of winter.

The other components aren't quite professional-grade, but definitely durable. Most mid-grade snowblowers feature extra-strength aluminum – instead of cast-iron – gear cases and all-steel chutes. Get a mid-grade model, and you’ll definitely be the envy of the neighborhood.

How to Pick the Perfect Mid-Grade Two-Stage Snow Blower


Professional grade two stage snow blower

You won’t find professional-grade snowblowers rusting outside your local hardware store. These serious-duty snow throwers are built in limited quantities for snow removal veterans, who recognize quality doesn’t come cheap.

Professional-grade snow throwers are constructed with commercial-quality components like heavy-duty cast-iron gear cases and solid steel frames. Basic features – like halogen headlights, interlocking controls, and remote deflectors – aren’t options. They’re necessities.

It doesn’t get any better in terms of high-end performance and reliability. Unless, of course, you have a snow pro doing it for you!

How to Pick the Perfect Professional Two-Stage Snow Blower


What Are Track-Drive Snowblowers?

Ariens RapidTrak Snowblower in Use

Track-drive snow blowers move like a tank across the snow; the tracks remain in constant contact with the ground on steep angles, giving it maximum traction. 

Unlike wheeled models, track-driven blowers are safe to use on steep paved or unpaved surfaces and are available on two or three-stage snow blowers. 

 Most track-drive snow blowers won't allow you to turn the blower until a handle-mounted trigger is engaged for safe steering, and some models even have a variable speed control for easier operation.


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