Attaching a Snow Blower to a Lawn Tractor

Attaching a Snow Blower to a Lawn Tractor

How to Install a Snow Blower Attachment on a Riding Mower

Dale, the Snow Blower Expert
Snow Blower Expert

Installing a snowblower attachment may be intimidating, but there's no reason to be scared. Snowblower attachments are pretty easy to install. The snowblower comes with a user manual, so be sure to take the time to read through it.


It may be confusing, but snowblower attachments don't all install in the same universal way. There are slight differences. This is a general guide to provide some direction and give you an idea of what's involved, but in no way is this a substitute for the user manual that comes with your attachment.

Disabling the Motor

Disable the Mower From Starting

Remove the spark plug or disconnect the battery to prevent the mower from accidentally starting. Now you can safely remove the mower deck from the tractor.


Install the Clutch

Installing the clutch assembly can be a difficult task, but if you hook it to the tractor frame, you'll have an easier time securing it with the locking pins. This is also when you'll connect the clutch cable spring to the clutch idler. There's not a lot of room to work on this, so you may want to use a car jack or put the tractor on blocks to raise it off the ground and give yourself more "wiggle room."


Lower V-Bel

Install the Blower

Start by attaching the v-belt. To do this, you'll have to wind it around the pulley and the tension wheel. Follow the instructions in your user manual for this part, because how you wind the belt will vary based on the makes and models of your snow blower attachment and your tractor.


You'll likely need a helper at this point to assist in lifting the snowblower attachment. It can be very heavy and awkward to maneuver by yourself. Put your tractor in neutral and disengage the parking brake to make it easier to move. You may need to raise the back end of the tractor. Then maneuver the snowblower attachment into the subframe brackets and secure it in place.


Install the Lower V-Belt

Now you'll need to work the lower v-belt through the pulley system and use a locking pin to attach the pull chain. Make sure they're both secured. Refer to your user manual for specific alignment of the belts and pull chain.


Amp the Traction

Amp up the Traction

To operate your tractor with a snowblower attachment, you'll need to improve your traction. Slipping tires will render your machine useless. Weigh your tractor down by adding weights to the back of the tractor or attaching wheel weights to the back wheels.


You can further improve traction by installing tire chains on the rear tires. These will help to dig into the snow and ice while also adding more weight to the rear of the tractor.

Check Your Work

Check Your Work

Take a moment to make sure everything is tight and correctly installed. Shake the parts and ensure nothing's loose. Carry your user manual with and make sure each part is attached exactly as it shows.


Take a Test Drive

Once you're confident that your snow blower attachment is properly installed, you can reinsert the spark plug and reconnect the battery. Start it up and take it for a test drive. Again, refer to your user manual. Your user manual will explain how your specific model of snowblower attachment operates.


Use it the way it's meant to be used, and ensure everything's working as it should. Now you can proceed to clear some snow. Help out the neighbors, clear the sidewalks, or maybe show up the city plow and clear your street before it arrives.


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Dale, the Snow Blower Expert
Snow Blower Expert
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