Fill Your Tank Efficiently

Fill Your Tank Efficiently

How to Quickly Refuel a Two-Stage Snow Blower

It doesn't require a professional pit crew to service a two-stage snow blower.

Add the gas into the gas tank. Add the engine oil into the engine. Simple, right?

There's one complication, however. Two-stage snow blowers are designed to clear large areas. Since you'll be clearing more snow, you're going to need a larger fuel supply.

So how can you fill your large snow blower's gas tank quickly and efficiently? It comes down to two easy steps. 


1. Get a Good Gas Can

Gas Can with Flexible NozzleYou probably already have a gas can. But can you pour the gas without spilling it? If not, your two-stage snow blower will benefit from an upgraded gas can when it's time to refuel.

Believe it or not, not all gas cans are the same. You can look for some of the following features to make filling your tank easier than ever:

  • A flexible rotating nozzle for precise aim
  • A wide-base (pyramid-shaped) container for spill-proof stability
  • A gas station-style handle with trigger for quickly transferring fuel

A gas can with any of these features will get your pit stop done in record time.


2. Add Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel StabilizerGasoline will gradually turn to varnish and gum up your carburetor if it sits too long. Your pit stops will take much longer if you have to sit and do maintenance on your engine instead of just filling up gas!

Fuel goes bad after 30 days. However, adding a quality fuel stabilizer will slow its degradation and allow you to get as much use out of your fuel as possible. 

And don't forget: add that stabilizer to fuel that's no more than 10% ethanol! Your snow blower's small engine isn't made to handle fuel with an ethanol rating higher than E10.

Follow these simple tips, and you'll be sure to keep working quickly with your two-stage snow blower.


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