Frozen Footprints

Frozen Footprints

What Happens When You Don't Snow Blow

When the first snow of the season came, I did nothing. That's right. I work for a snow blower company, and I neglected to use my own snow blower.

Why? It was a small storm with only three inches of snow. Like a lot of my neighbors, I assumed that it would melt away in a day or two. Unfortunately, it didn't. Instead, it thawed. It froze. Then it snowed again... and again... and again.



In the meantime, my car compressed the snow into a massive glacier on my driveway. The neighborhood kids trampled through it like a herd of elephants. My sidewalk was a mess with frozen, icy footprints covered with freshly fallen snow.

I just spent nearly two hours chipping, shoveling and salting my sidewalk and driveway. It wasn't fun.


This Could Have Been Prevented
Ice Isn't Light


My neighbor, on the other hand, took a few minutes to snow throw instead. As a result, his sidewalk is clean and clear. Just look at the difference. Proof positive that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


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