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Best Earth Augers

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You've found your way here looking for an earth auger; but not any earth auger, the best earth auger. Because different people have different interpretations of what makes for the best earth auger, we've compiled three separate lists for you to choose from. You can choose from the best-selling earth augers, the top-rated earth augers, or our expert's recommended earth augers. Whichever list you choose, we want to help you find what's best for you. For more information on earth augers, feel free to visit our Earth Auger Buyer's Guide.

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Top 10 Rated Earth Augers

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Earthquake 173cc 4-Cycle Two Man Earth Auger w/ Kohler Engine
There's a reason why the Earthquake 9800K earth auger requires some manpower - it is a BEAST. Whether you are laying support posts or planting a tree, the 9800K and it's 232 ft-lbs. of output torque will help make short work of it. This well-cons...
Earthquake Dually 53cc 2-Cycle One or Two Man Earth Auger
The Earthquake Dually earth auger allows you to drill holes by yourself or together with another person - it's the world's first one OR two-man gas-powered earth auger. The Earthquake Dually handles extremely well when using two operators. But ...
Earthquake 43cc One Man Earth Auger
The Earthquake E-43 one-man earth auger delivers outstanding power and a solid design that will have you drilling holes quicker. It's great for building decks, installing fences, and many other outdoor projects. The Earthquake E-43 has a compact ...