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Vertical Tine Tiller Innovation

How Vertical Tines Will Shape the Future of Tillers

Tiller Product Expert

Tilling has evolved far beyond the use of shovels, hoes and horse-drawn plows.

You can get powerful tillers in numerous shapes and sizes, including front or rear tines that rotate forward, backward, or both!

But now, Cub Cadet has stepped outside the norm to create an innovative new style of rear tine tiller.

Instead of forward and reverse, Cub Cadet split the tine shaft in half and turned it upright, creating a vertical tine tiller.

vertical tinesThe Mixer Effect
Like a kitchen mixer, these new vertical tines spin in opposite directions and overlap to actually churn the soil.

This change in direction means the tines are cutting through the soil rather than hammering down on it, reducing vibration and improving efficiency.

One Pass Conquers All
vertical tine tiller in actionDesigned to easily break through the toughest ground, the dual-rotation of these churning vertical tines actually breaks up and mixes the soil completely in one pass.

This simultaneous breaking and mixing means half the time, half the gas, and half the wear & tear on your tiller.

Smooth Operation
The spinning action of the vertical tines allows for smoother operation, because there's less impact with the soil as it utilizes more of a stirring motion that cuts into the soil from from the side. smooth tillerTraditional garden tillers cut in at a downward motion, which packs some of the deeper soil down.

This new design helps eliminate bucking and minimize vibration.

This smooth tilling enables you to take advantage of easy one-hand operation from either the right or left side of the tiller, so you don't have to walk over your freshly churned soil.

Easy to Roll Away
tiller with neutral gearIf this isn't your first rodeo, you're probably familiar with having to unlock pins from the wheels when you're ready to move your tiller into storage.

This vertical tine model has a neutral position so you can easily roll your tiller away without the need to unlock any pins.

Reverse Mode
Reverse Mode TillerWorried about rocks? Don't be! With the new reverse mode feature, you can put your mind at ease.

In case of trouble, this tiller has an auto-shutoff feature. Once it shuts off, you can use the unique reverse mode to avoid further damage and make rock removal a breeze.

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