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Manufacturers: Drive highly-qualified shoppers directly to your local dealers.

The Yellow Pages are Dead

If you want your local dealer's phone to ring, you need to help them with online marketing.

Highly-qualified shoppers are already researching on our sites.

Instead of competing against dealers, we actually help them by driving customers directly to their local dealerships.

Flaunt what you've got

In addition to driving leads to your dealers, your brand and products will be prominently featured on our web stores for FREE.
We'll build landing pages optimized to bring maxium exposure to your brand and products for FREE.
Customers can read and write reviews on your products.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What's the difference between PED Dealer Ads and PED Seller Central?
  2. Why Should We Participate in PED Dealer Ads?
  3. How Do We Drive Traffic to Your Dealers?
  4. How Much Does It Cost?
  5. What If I Don't Get Any Leads?
  6. How Much Effort is Required?
  7. Where Will My Products Appear?
What's the difference between PED Dealer Ads and PED Seller Central? Top
If you want to SELL your products on our web stores, you participate in PED Seller Central. Some products, however, are exclusive to local dealers. While these products cannot be sold on our web stores, it doesn't prevent you from promoting your products online.
Why Should We Participate in PED Dealer Ads?Top
Our highly focused specialty stores attract an enormous amount of pre-qualified shoppers eager to purchase your products. If your products aren't visible online, potential customers won't consider them as part of the buying process and may purchase your competitor's products instead.
How Do We Drive Traffic to Your Dealers?Top
Simple. Instead of adding your product to our shopping cart, customers simply enter a zip code in our dealer finder, and they are immediately directed to local listings on your website.
How Much Does It Cost?Top
You simply Pay-Per-Lead. For less expensive items, like accessories and hand-held products, each lead is just $0.25. For more expensive products, like large whole goods, we charge $0.50 per lead. We will provide you with an invoice with detailed reporting at the end of the month.
What If I Don't Get Any Leads?Top
It costs you nothing. However, your products will receive significant exposure to a large number of pre-qualified shoppers, helping to build awareness of your brand.
How Much Effort is Required?Top
You actually do very little. Our team will add your products to our web stores for free. First, we will build the appropriate brand pages. Then, we add your individual products to our web site. Once the products are built, you simply turn the products live through our back-end portal.
Where Will My Products Appear?Top
Your products will appear on at least two web stores. First, every product is included in our consolidated store at In addition, your product will appear on the appropriate niche site. For example, lawn mowers will appear on
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