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Earth Auger Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Post Hole Digger

By Jake Woltman  |  Tiller Expert
Whether you're tasked with digging holes for fence posts, a mailbox or gardening, shoveling dirt can be a real hassle.

Earth augers make it faster and less excruciating. They come in one-man or two-man styles, and the bits can be changed for different jobs.

The size of the holes and the frequency of use is going to determine which kind of hole digger you need.
One-Man Earth Augers

If you have around a dozen smaller holes to dig, you'll be better off using a one-man earth auger.

These augers weigh significantly less, and require half of the labor.

If you're working alone on a relatively small to medium sized project, you won't want the added weight, size, and unnecessary power of a two-man auger.

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Two-Man Earth Augers

These are for the big jobs. For example - you and a buddy are building a deck, and you need larger holes for cementing in the load-bearing posts.

Two-man earth augers are heavier and bulkier, but are also more powerful. These beasts are the better choice for heavy clay-based or rocky soil.

They're called two-man earth augers for a reason, but for serious digging, this is the machine to use.

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Auger Attachments

Attachments are made for all types of augers. You can choose smaller or larger diameters for different sized holes, and there are various types of bits available for specific tasks.

You can find attachments for things like tree potting, and we also carry extension shafts to help you reach deeper with the auger bits you already own.

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