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Earth Auger Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Post Hole Digger

By Jake W.  |  Tiller Expert

Whether you're tasked with digging holes for fence posts, a mailbox, or a garden, shoveling dirt can be a real hassle.

Earth augers make any of these jobs faster and less excruciating. They come in one-man or two-man styles, and the bits can be changed for different jobs.

The size of the holes you need to dig and the size of the project you're working on are going to determine which kind of hole digger you need.

One-Man Earth Augers

Need to dig a bunch of small holes for a gardening or landscaping project? Your best bet is a one-man earth auger.

The benefits of one-man earth augers make them excellent choices for solo projects:

One-man earth augers typically weigh between 27 and 40 pounds. If you're working alone on a relatively small to medium-sized project, these earth augers will provide you with just the amount of power you need in a tool that's lighter and less bulky to carry.


Two-Man Earth Augers

Let's imagine that you and a buddy are building a deck, and you need to dig holes for the load-bearing posts. The best tool for you is a two-man earth auger.

Two-man earth augers require two people to operate, but their features make them the best machines to use for serious digging:

Most two-man earth augers weigh between 50 and 70 pounds. Whereas one-man augers have 35 to 50cc engines, two-man augers draw on the power of 160cc engines and greater. This makes them the better choice for heavy clay-based or rocky soil.


Auger Attachments

Attachments are made for all types of augers. You can choose smaller or larger diameters for holes of different sizes, which will help you take on specific tasks, such as tree potting or fence post digging.

In addition to attachments and accessories made for specific projects, you can find extension shafts to help you reach deeper ground with the auger bits you already own.

The Auger Advantage

If you need to dig a hole, you can choose all sorts of tools to use, from shovels to post hole diggers. 

However, the power of an earth auger will help you dig that hole more quickly with less effort. If you have multiple holes to dig, you'll finish that project much sooner than you would by using a simple shovel. 

If your outdoor project is looking daunting, don't dig yourself into a hole. Dig your holes with an earth auger instead!


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