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Chainsaw Extended Warranties

How To Get An Extended Warranty On Your Chainsaw

By Dale Vogelsanger  |  Chain Saw Expert
With an Extended Warranty* from Chain Saws Direct, you can add 1 or 2 additional years of warranty coverage for your new chainsaw.

Just like insurance for your home or car, this added protection provides you with peace of mind.

These Extended Service Plans provide your new chainsaw with the best protection against any potential failures.

Under warranty, products may be repaired an unlimited number of times. The plan covers repair costs up to the full, original price of the product.

Just select your Extended Warranty plan as you check out.

Replacement Plans

These plans cover the replacement of new chainsaws with a purchase price of $400 or less. The product replacement plan becomes active once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

The replacement will cover the product for equal or greater value and can be fulfilled by a physical replacement, gift certificate, voucher or co-payable check.

Repair Plans

Repair plans cover the full cost of needed repairs of for new chainsaws with a purchase price more than $400. Repair plans activate following the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty, but generally cover repairs throughout the duration of the contract.

For products that are difficult to transport, choose an On-Site Repair Plan, allowing your product to be serviced from your home or business. For chain saws that can be dropped off at an authorized service center, choose the Shop Repair Plan.

See Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions

Features & Benefits

*Extended Warranty not available in California