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Alaska & Hawaii Pressure Washer Shipping

How to Buy a Pressure Washer in Alaska or Hawaii

By Brian Teitelbaum  |  Pressure Washer Expert
While Alaska and Hawaii may be harder to deliver to, we can deliver to those regions.

If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, and you need to order a pressure washer, we're here to help you. Call and speak to an expert or send us a message if you have any questions.

You may have to pay some shipping fees, but we'll get it to you.

Here's how it works:


These are simple. You simply check-out through our online shopping cart. It will automatically calculate the FedEx shipping cost in real-time.

If the accessory is currently in-stock, you can also order Expedited Shipping, such as Next Day Air or Second Day Air.

Pressure Washers

We do NOT offer free shipping to Alaska and Hawaii because of the increased shipping costs. We will, however, ship to Alaska and Hawaii if you are willing to pay the extra shipping charge.

Special Services
  • Safely Lowers Products Off the Truck
  • Requires Special Hydraulic Lift
  • $50 Service Charge
  • For Large Equipment
  • Faster Delivery Times
  • Ships Same Business Day
  • Guaranteed In-Stock
  • $50 Service Charge
  • Small Equipment & Accessories
  • Next-Day Delivery Available
  • Additional Shipping Rates Apply
  • Select During Checkout