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Electric Generator Coupons

How to Save on Generators Without Using Coupons

By Jared Grifo  |  Generator Expert
Online shopping can seem like a never-ending quest for savings.

You could spend all day scouring the Internet in search of the perfect coupon code or voucher.

Or you could shop at Electric Generators Direct, where our everyday low prices speak for themselves.

Aside from that, we offer a slew of other ways to buy a generator at a surprisingly low price.

Weekly Specials

The weekly specials section of Electric Generators Direct features generators included in promotions and sales. The retail prices of these units are often slashed by hundreds of dollars.
Shop Generator Weekly Specials

Closeout Central

We put generators on closeout for a few reasons: getting rid of last year's models, liquidating inventory, or when we make a special buy from a manufacturer. Regardless of the reason, you can save big on brand-new models.

Shop Generator Closeout Central

Scratch & Dent

These scratch and dent generators have cosmetic flaws, such as chipped paint or dented gas tanks. We've taken them back to our warehouse and made sure they still run like new. If you don't mind a scratch or a dent, you can save a lot of money.

Paper Check Discount

When you buy any generator priced over $1000, if you elect to pay by check, you can save 2%. Credit card processing fees are about 2% so when you pay by check, we pass the savings on to you.

Generator Paper Check Discount