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Commercial Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Commercial Zero Turn

By Jose Castellanos  |  Lawn Mower Expert
When it comes to landscaping, time is money.

The faster you get one job done, the faster you can get to your next job.

So for the pros out there, a commercial zero turn mower is the way to go.

These mowers are packed with features to help you mow faster with comfort, and make more money.

High Performance Engine

The fastest mowers on the market, commercial zero turns will zip across the grass at speeds up to 13 miles per hour (mph).

These mowers are powered by high-performance Kawasaki or Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engines. Considered some of the best lawn mower engines available, these reliable powerhouses have up to 30 horsepower (HP) of grass devouring strength.


When you're mowing all day, you want as comfortable a ride as possible. Look for a commercial zero turn mower with full-suspension for the smoothest ride.

Full suspension isn't just good for the operator, it actually allows the mower to cut better. With full-suspension, the mower will follow the contours of the lawn for the most consistent cut. The reduced shock also requires less repairs.

Mowing Deck

It's not all about size, it's how you use it... Sure a 61" deck is more than 5 feet of cutting girth, but the decks on commercial zero turns are built with performance features not found elsewhere.

Look for decks with sloped fronts, which push the grass up, resulting in a more consistent cut. Some decks on commercial ZTR mowers include a revolutionary cutting system that allows
for superior airflow discharge and enhanced cut quality.

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Stand-On Mowers

Stand-on zero turns are very popular with professional landscapers because they represent the best zero turning radius and allow for the most precise mowing.

Not as big as some of the riding commercial zero turns, these are easier to put on a trailer and move from job to job.