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Pressure Washer Spray Tips Per Application

How to Choose the Perfect Spray Tip For the Job

By Matt Yukich  |  Pressure Washer Expert
Who would think something so small could do so much? Well, without a spray tip, your pressure washer would only have one setting.

But with five universal spray tips, you can tailor your spray pattern to the job.

Each tip produces a different spray pattern and is used for different cleaning purposes.

We break it all down and explain the differences between each tip.


The red spray tip creates a 0 degree spray pattern and is the most powerful nozzle of them all.

You need to be very careful using this tip to make sure you don't cause any damage to the surface you are cleaning.


The yellow tip produces a 15 degree wide spray pattern.

It's great to use for heavy duty power washing, such as cleaning a garage floor or removing stains from concrete.


The green spray wand tip generates a 25 degree spray pattern.

This tip works well for general cleaning purposes such as outdoor furniture, brick patios, walkways and decks.


The white tip creates a 40 degree spray pattern.

It's best used when cleaning delicate surfaces that can easily be damaged, such as the siding of a home or soft stucco walls.


The black tip generates a 65 degree spray pattern.

This produces the widest, most gentle stream of all the tips. It is commonly used for applying detergent or rinsing soap.

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