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V-Twin Toro Engines

Toro V-Twin Engines Offer Performance and Convenience

By Jose Castellanos  |  Lawn Mower Expert
Toro's new V-Twin engine was designed from the ground up as a zero-turn mower engine. Although the company was focused on improved performance, it also added of couple of nice convenience features as well.

The Toro V-Twin engine boasts 24.5HP and features a patented self-cleaning air filtration system that virtually eliminates dust and debris before it reaches the engine.

And if you're someone who hates the mess and hassle that comes with changing oil, this model has some surprises in store for you as well.

Better Fuel Efficiency

The new Toro V-Twin provides better fuel efficiency by incorporating a standard dual-barrel carburetor, which delivers a stream of air and fuel to each of the engine's cylinders.

This mixed stream of fuel and air increases power while allowing the engine to use less fuel.

Self-Cleaning Air Filtration

Toro's new engine has a patented self-cleaning air filtration system, featuring an air box with vents to blow debris out, a dual element air filter, and a sloped floor that keeps debris from getting into the engine.

This self-cleaning filtration system improves performance and fuel efficiency, and helps to extend the life of the engine.

Tool-Free Oil Changes

The new Toro V-Twin engine allows for tool-free oil changes with less mess. So, you don't have to be a mechanic to keep on top of your own maintenance.

All you have to do is pull the long drain hose out of its holder to let the oil drain, then replace it when you're finished. Tools aren't necessary! The length of the drain hose helps make for less mess, allowing you to aim where you want the used oil to go.

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