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Battery-Powered Backpack Blowers

How to Bundle a Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower

By Dale Vogelsanger  |  Leaf Blower Expert

There are battery-powered leaf blowers. There are backpack leaf blowers. A battery-powered backpack leaf blower is the newest innovation in the industry.

While the technology is still being perfected, there are some very effective versions available today. There will surely be more innovations down the line, but here are some ways to leaf blow without the mess of gas or the lifespan of a handheld battery-operated blower.

Core Power
Core Power revolutionized the leaf blower industry when it designed a battery backpack they call the Quad Power Pack. With this innovative creation from Core Power, you can charge 4 batteries at once, and then wear them on your back to power your cordless Core power tools. This makes for the first ever battery-powered backpack leaf blower, but requires three separate Core brand products that, when used together, create this marriage of freedom and power.

Quad Power Pack
The Core Power Quad Power Pack serves two important purposes. First, it's a recharger. It comes with two batteries, but it gives you the ability to charge up to four batteries simultaneously. Second, it's also a backpack. You actually strap the charger onto your back. It only weighs 19-pounds with all four batteries attached. Best of all, it can be charged in the field by plugging into your vehicle's auxiliary jack.

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Core Power Replacement Cells 
The Core Power Quad Power Pack only comes with two batteries. This is because many Core Power customers already have batteries from their existing cordless tools. To fill it up and benefit from the full power it can offer, we recommend you load up on a couple more Core Power Replacement Power Cells.

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Core Power Cordless Leaf Blower 
Equip yourself with a versatile and highly-rated Core Power leaf blower that can be attached to the Power Pack, and you've got yourself a battery-powered backpack leaf blower with up to two hours of run time! The Power Pack has a built-in auxiliary plug that plugs directly into any Core Power brand cordless tool, so you can switch from a leaf blower to a string trimmer or a hedge trimmer with ease.

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