Red Lion 14942404
Red Lion 14942404
Red Lion 14942404
Red Lion 14942404
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Red Lion 14942404
Red Lion 14942404
Red Lion 14942404

Red Lion 12 GPM 1 HP Deep Well Submersible Pump (2-Wire 230V)



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Red Lion 12 GPM 1 HP Deep Well Submersible Pump (2-Wire 230V)
Red Lion 12 GPM 1 HP Deep Well Submersible Pump (2-Wire 230V)
Model: 14942404
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Recommended Accessories

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Expert Recommended Accessories Selected by Jim, our Expert
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Inlet Size



Deep Well


12 Gallons

  • 4" Submersible Deep Well Pump (2-Wire 230V)
  • Ideal for use with 4" I.D. or larger wells
  • Powered By Industry Standard Motor
  • Proven superior quality & performance ensuring quiet operation
  • Hex Rubber Bearing w/ Extra-Large Surface
  • Provides shaft stability and multiple flow channels
  • Keeps small particles such as sand away from bearing surfaces
  • Built-In Check Valve
  • Prevents backflow and ensures system pressure
  • Built-In Suction Screen
  • Helps to prevent debris from clogging impellers
  • 1-1/4" NPT Thermoplastic Discharge Head
  • Provides full-flow performance without the risk of corrosion


specs product image PID-7579
240 Volt
Gallons Per Minute
12 Gallons
Outlet Diameter
1-1/4 Inch
Housing Material
Stainless Steel
Impeller Material
Maximum PSI
Total Head Lift
380 Feet
Continuous Operation
1 hp
28 Pounds
Made in USA
Consumer Warranty
3 Years
Additional Model Numbers

RL12G10-2W2V, 14942404


Red Lion 14942404 Reviews & Ratings

Product Q&A

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Product Questions Answered by Jim, the Water Pump Expert
Does this pump have a rope tie-off to prevent losing it in the well?
David M. 
from Arkansas 
March 14, 2018
I have read that this pump utilizes a Franklin motor, is this true?
Ken K. 
from Texas 
May 10, 2017
In have 4 inch ID pvc well casing ..your product description says it will fit. What is the width of the pump?
from Indiana 
June 16, 2016
I'm replacing an old ('86) Red Jacket 3/4hp Submersible pump. It's a 2-wire 230v pump, but it was installed with a control box and worked for a long time. The replacement, to avoid a full rewire, is a 2-wire 1hp RL12G10-2W2V. I know that these systems have internal starting caps, so I have 2 questions. 1) Is there any benefit to having a control box with a 2 wire system? 2) [if so] Can I reuse the same control box that is marked for 3/4hp Franklin pump?
Justin H 
from Missouri 
August 14, 2015
I plan to replace a 30 yer old pump that is at 200 ft. and lower the new pump to 250 ft in a 400 ft deep well. Will I need to a check valve mid way up as well as at the well head?
Ken G 
from California 
July 27, 2015
Does wiring come with the pump
Dwight B 
from Louisiana 
June 11, 2015
what parts are involved with submersible pumps that can fail and breakdown or if it doesn't work you just have to replace the entire pump?
from New York 
January 22, 2014
Does this pump have a grounding wire beside the two hot wires?
Dan S 
from New York 
August 17, 2013
I need to replace my deep submersible pump and I would like to get your recommendation on what size I should get. The one that is in there now is a myers 3/4 hp 2 wire pump. I think it is a 10 GPM. I have had it for almost 9 years but with an irrigation installed now which the pump supplies both house and irrigation. My irrigation has 8 zones with 3 heads on each zone which usually runs 20 minutes on each zone with a break of an hour between zones 1 2 3 4 5 and then 6 7 8. The well is 240 feet down but I'm not sure if that's where the pump is or where the head static level is. I would like to increase the HP to a 1hp and GPM to 20. Would this work better than the one I have???
from New Hampshire 
April 13, 2013

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Red Lion 12 GPM 1 HP Deep Well Submersible Pump (2-Wire 230V)
Red Lion 14942404
Red Lion 14942404
Red Lion 14942404
Red Lion 14942404
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