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Generac 5932 - XP10000E - 10,000 Watt Electric Start Professional Portable Generator for sale.

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Generac XP10000E - 10,000 Watt Electric Start Professional Portable Generator

Generac Power Equipment and Accessories
Model: 5932
(Based on expert analysis, manufacturer ratings and customer reviews)
4.0 out of 54.0 out of 54.0 out of 54.0 out of 54.0 out of 5
12 Reviews
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Run Watts
Rated Watts
Surge Watts
Starting Watts
Generac XP Series Professional Grade Portable Generator
Engineered specifically with contractors in mind

Electric Start (Battery Included)
Makes starting as easy as pushing a button

530cc Generac OHVI Engine - Designed Specifically For Generators
Provides longer life and longer maintenance intervals

Pressurized Lubrication System w/ Oil Filter & Low Oil Shutdown
Provides maximum safety for longer engine life

TruePower™ Technology - Less Than 5% THD
Provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics

Full Panel GFCI Protection - OSHA & NEC 2011 Compliant
Must use GFI type manual transfer switch for panel connection
Not for use with interlock kit

Large 9 Gallon Metal Fuel Tank
Provides up to 9 hours of run time @ 1/2 load

Hardened 1.25" Steel Tube Cradle & Cast Metal Corners
Combined with an integrated lifting eye for rugged durability

Fold-Down, Locking Handles w/ Never Flat Wheel Kit
Provides sturdy mobility and compact storage

Includes Battery Charger, Engine Oil & Maintenance Kit
Engine Brand
Generac OHVI
Starting System
12-Volt Button Start
530 CC
Consumer Engine Warranty
3 Years
Commercial Engine Warranty
3 Years
Engine RPM
3600 RPM
Low Oil Alert/Shutdown
Cast Iron Sleeve
Product Specs
120/240 Single-Phase
60 Hertz
Auto Voltage Regulation
Surge Watts
12000 Watts
Rated Watts
10000 Watts
Fuel Type
Rated Amps
42 @ 240 Volts (Single Phase) Amps
Portability Kit
Never Flat Wheels
Tank Size
9.2 Gallons
Run Time @ 50% Load
9 Hours
Fuel Tank Material
Fuel Gauge
Decibel Rating @ 7m
Not Measured by Manufacturer
Idle Control
Hour Meter
Lifting Eye
Grade Type
NEMA L14-30R
NEMA 14-50R
Assembly Required
281 Pounds
Product Length
34.75 Inches
Product Width
29 Inches
Product Height
34 Inches
Consumer Warranty
3 Years
Commercial Warranty
3 Years
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NEMA L14-30R

NEMA 14-50R
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  5 Questions
Q: I have a 15,000 watt generac gasoline generator, is a natural gas conversion kit avaveibel ?
is a permanent enclosier avalible ?

by Gene Tedder from Florida on December 18, 2013

A: Thanks for your inquiry.....Generator manufacturers do not offer conversion kits or permanent enclosures for portable generators.

We at Power Equipment Direct do not recommend converting your gasoline portable generator to an alternative fuel and doing so will void the manufacturer’s warranty and may cause damage to the generator itself. These conversions are not recommended by any of the generator manufacturers.

Gasoline has an Ignition Point of 475–536 °F. When a generator is manufactured to run solely on gasoline these temperatures are taken into consideration and the engine components are made to handle these temperatures.

Propane (LP) has an Ignition Point of 920-1020°F and Natural Gas (NG) has an Ignition Point of 900–1500°F. These higher temperatures will cause damage over time on any “gas only” powered engine.

The following guidelines cover Honda engines (Also applies to other engine manufacturers) modified to run on fuels other than the one for which they were designed, such as converting an engine to run on propane (LP) or natural gas (NG).

• Honda gasoline engines are certified to operate on unleaded fuel with a pump octane rating of 86 or higher, containing no more than 10% ethanol (E10).

• Any change to the original configuration of a certified Honda engine is a potential violation of the Clean Air Act prohibition against tampering (40 CFR §1068.101(b)(1)). The tampering prohibition is important because poorly designed and installed modifications can increase emissions.

• The Clean Air Act prohibits anyone from removing or rendering inoperative any device or design element installed on engines in compliance with regulations. These actions are considered tampering, which carries a civil penalty up to $37,500 for each engine or equipment in violation.

• Engines converted by a third party (OEM, dealer, converter, etc.) to run on a different fuel type must be recertified with the EPA on the new fuel to comply with applicable emission standards. The third party must recertify under a new family and notify Honda to not include the modified engines in the original family.

• Converted engines to be sold for use in California must meet CARB requirements and the converter must obtain approval from CARB. EPA certificates or tampering exemptions will not satisfy the requirement for CARB certification.

• Once certified, the third party must remove the Honda emission control label and apply a compliant emission control label for the new fuel indicating the new certifying manufacturer. Honda will no longer assume any responsibility as the certifying manufacturer.

• The Honda Distributor's Limited Warranty does not extend to parts affected or damaged by the conversion to or use of fuel other than the fuel for which the engine was originally designed.

• Honda offers V-twin engines specifically designed and certified for use in LP/NG applications. The engines incorporate special design features that address the higher combustion temperatures and reduced lubrication to the valve guide area (since it is a dry fuel, not liquid). Please contact your sales representative or distributor for additional information.

Disclaimer: The guidance provided is intended for Honda dealer/distributor informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You must contact the appropriate certifying agencies if you require information on how regulations apply to your specific application.

The regulations and additional information can be found at these web sites:

EPA Regulations

CARB Compliance

by Mike, Product Expert
by Cynthia Chew from California on February 07, 2013

A: This model does not meet the California CARB compliance laws and cannot be shipped there.

Here is a link that will show all of the models we offer that can be shipped to California...

California CARB Compliant Generators

by Mike, Product Expert
Q: Hi Jim,

My client has purchased a Generac XP1000E generator.

What type of manual transfer switch would you recommend ?

I believe the 50amp plug is GFI protected. Do we need a transfer switch with the neutral disconnected as well?

Please advise

by Ray Klas from New Jersey on May 29, 2012

A: You can only go with the Reliance Controls "X-Series" GFI transfer panels. Click on link below for available models that would work with your XP10000E.

GFI Transfer Panels

You want to go with 60A Utility / 50A Gen.

by Mike, Product Expert
Q: Jim,
I'm a licensed NH Electrician I have a Honeywell 7500Watt Portable Generator that will be used to supply selected loads in a non-separately derived residential application as outlined by the 2011 NEC. The tag on this generator indicated that the neutral is bonded to the frame. I need to know if this generator can be made into a floating neutral generator without voiding listings or warranty. If the answer is yes then where and how does the manufacture recommend the removal of the bond? And will the manufacture send a new label that indicates the generator is now a floating neutral generator. This will be an issue with any generator that has its neutral bonded to the frame portable or stationary. Any info that you can give me will be a great help.


Ron T.

by Ron Tasker from New Hampshire on January 08, 2012

A: Many generators that have a bonded neutral to frame can be modified so the neutral is floating, or separate from the frame and generator ground. If the neutral connection (bond) to frame can be removed, if the manufacturer supports this, it’s usually the best solution as it would result in a “floating neutral” generator and would be ideal for connecting to most transfer switches.

If the generator manufacturer does not support modifying the generator to remove the bond between neutral and ground/frame, the system can be setup to meet all codes by using a neutral switching transfer switch. A “non-separately derived system” is where the generator neutral is floating, and its neutral is always interconnected with the neutral for the utility – this is the most common way backup systems are setup – including automatic backup systems.

If you need to isolate the neutral then you need to use a GFI type transfer switch such as the Reliance Controls "X" series switches.....see link for details.

GFI Transfer Switches

Note: Typically these switches are not required unless the 120/240v outlet on the generator is GFI protected which is found on Professional generators such as the Generac "XP" models and not the "XG" model.

The fact that a generator has a bonded-neutral does not rule out compatibility with 2-pole transfer switches, which make up the majority of all transfer switches. The only time that a portable generator will not function with a 2-pole transfer switch is if the generator has a bonded-neutral AND there is a GFCI breaker or GFCI mechanism protecting the receptacle being used to connect the generator to the transfer switch. Most 120/240v generator receptacles are not GFCI protected.

National Code does not require switching the neutral in general, but arguably the neutral should be switched when using a bonded generator based on how the system is setup and defined as a whole. Any time a bonded-neutral generator is connected through a transfer switch to a house wiring system, what results are two neutral-to-ground bond points: one at the main panel and one at the generator. This can be construed as having two bond points in the electrical system, even though the portable generator is not part of the system, and therefore one of the bond points should be removed (or a transfer device implemented that isolates the neutral).

Having two bond points in this scenario creates 'dual paths' on the ground and neutral between the generator and the house panel, aka "ground loop", meaning the ground wire from the generator to the house panel will share some of the return power with the neutral wire. This leads to a very small amount of voltage on the ground wire between the generator and house panel. It can be argued by an installer or authority that this power on the ground is objectionable, and a special neutral switching setup might be mandated. This is also why if there is a GFCI breaker protecting the generator receptacle, it will sense this power being lost on the neutral (to the ground) and will trip every time the generator is connected, even under No load.

* If the generator does not have a GFCI protecting the in-use receptacle, there will not be a trip and the generator will power circuits successfully. Now it’s just a question of whether having this setup is acceptable to the home owner, installer and authority if applicable.
Using bonded generators without switching the neutral has been a common application for many years, regardless of how the code is interpreted, but about 10 years ago generators started adding GFCI's (per OSHA job site requirements) and wiring them into the larger receptacles, which will limit their applications when used at homes. The 2014 code will require new generators to have built in GFCI’s, but only on the 15/20 amp 120 volt outlets, which in most cases are not being used to power a transfer switch. If we look at all of the portable generators that are bonded neutral, and then separate the models WITH a GFCI breaker protecting the 120/240 outlet, the percentage of these generators is extremely small. These are the only generators that will functionally require a 3-pole transfer switch that breaks the neutral.

Breaking the neutral with a “3-pole” (neutral switching) transfer device eliminates the ground loop (dual paths) between the generator and house panel created by having two bond points, and will eliminate the problem of the GFCI breaker tripping creating a “separately derived system” where the generator neutral is never common with the utility neutral.

I hope this information was helpful.

by Mike, Product Expert
Q: What is the maximum output in watts out of the NEMA 14-50R outlet I can get from a XP 10000E Generac Generator
by Michael Teixeira from Connecticut on January 08, 2012

A: Any 50A outlet, receptacle, cord or switch has a maximum of 12,500 watts....Amps x Volts = Watts.
by Mike, Product Expert
Generac 5932 Reviews & Ratings
Overall Rating
4.0 out of 54.0 out of 54.0 out of 54.0 out of 54.0 out of 5
Easy To Use (3)
High Quality (2)
Quiet (1)
I'd Buy It Again (1)
Features (1)
Expensive (3)
Heavy (2)
Poor Customer Service (1)
Low Quality (1)
83% of respondents would recommend this product to a friend
12 Reviews  Sort by 
Gary L.
Kimberling City, MO
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 8/8/16
4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Initial Disappointing
Order and delivery were good. After uncrating and reading the assembly instructions, it became apparent that the lift handles had been assembled on the wrong side. I transported the unit to an authorized service center for corrections. Upon arrival back at my residence, I completed the assembly per instructions. The generator fired up immediately, so I let it run while familiarizing myself with the controls.

After about 15 minutes, I shut the unit down and stored it in my garage. The... more
Gary Recommends This Generac Product
Was this review helpful?
Salem, CT
Total Helpful Votes
14 Helpful Votes
2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
Started Out Good, Then Failed!
Purchased the XP10000E for the voltage control with electronics after Storms Irene & Alfred! During Storm Sandy the generator worked well. I must say, having a GFI 50AMP connection puts my mind at ease, however the GFI trips often with florescent lights or with initial motor starts: Kind of a pain. Well, today we had a wind storm and when I went to use the generator 50AMP output, the GFI lights with the power light but no output when placed ON. Pushed the GFI test and the fault light... more
Was this review helpful?
Sean E.
Airville, PA
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 2/1/13
Total Helpful Votes
13 Helpful Votes
1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Generac Xp10000 5932
Initial run, ran 45 minutes no issues stored generator in garage. Noticed a week later that the frame and the bottom of engine was covered with engine oil. I was concerned that my three thousand plus dollar investment was leaking oil after only 45 min of running. Ran again for two hours. Oil continued to leak for first hour, but eventually slowed. After two hours of loaded running (only two 500 watt shop lights), engine stalled twice from full speed (about five minutes apart), but restarted... more
Was this review helpful?
Jeff M.
Batavia, OH
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 8/24/13
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
A Well-built Heavy Duty Generator
The purchasing of a portable generator from Generators Direct was a very enjoyable experience. From researching generators on the exceptional web site through delivery the process of buying a backup generator was very easy and trouble free. I’ve owned the Generac XP1000 for about 4 months now and having completed a system integration test I feel like I can now comment on the generator from receiving the delivery through the test run powering the house.

Generator assembly was very easy. ... more
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, High Quality, Easy To Store
Cons: Heavy, Expensive
Jeff Recommends This Generac Product
Jeff Would Recommend Power Equipment Direct To A Friend
Web Site


"The web site allowed easy research and comparison of various models, the staff answered my questions quickly. When I was ready to order a generator along with a pressure washer the staff was able to arrange shipping of the two items with only one lift gate charge. The trucking company, ABF Freight was easy to work with from order tracking to setting up delivery. Delivery was arranged for the day requested and the truck showed up at the stated time. The driver was more than happy to hand truck the generator and power washer up an inclined driveway and helped remove the outer cartons to insure a damage free shipment."
Was this review helpful?
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 8/23/12
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
My First Generator
There is no story yet. Hurricane Sandy might be the first test. The shipping and arrival was great. The driver moved it all the way up the driveway into my garage, which he didn't have to do.

The instructions were OK but a couple items: one of the screws for the legs was stripped which meant a trip to the hardware store. And, why not tell me it takes about 1 1/2 quarts of oil? The process of putting oil in, checking the level, putting more oil in, checking the oil, is rather boring and... more
Mike, the Generator Expert
Product Expert
If you click on the Specs tab on our web page you will see drawings of the plugs on your generator, along with their names. The plugs are different shapes and ratings for different applications, such as hooking up a transfer switch to supply power to your home's circuit breaker box.
Was this review helpful?
Milford, NJ
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 10/31/11
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Love My Generac
After our recent snow storm in the North East, we lost power for over one week. No generators were available locally, including rentals. After about 20 minutes of searching on-line I found your company. My Generac was shipped the same day I ordered it and arrived only 4 days later. I ran it for 3 straight days without a hiccup. It has enough power to handle 10 circuits in my home, including the well and 30amp hot water heater . My computer and electronics ran flawlessly off this generator.
Mike, the Generator Expert
Product Expert
Due to the large engine size (530cc), Generac does not install a recoil start because it would be very difficult for most people pull-start.
Was this review helpful?
Bruce E.
Wayne, PA
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Standing The Test Of Time
I purchased this generator over 2 years ago and it has seen a lot of use. Hurricane Sandy had it running for almost 2 weeks straight! I have had no issues with this machine and it has more than enough power to handle all the critical circuits of my home. Other than the machine being extremely heavy, I see no downside to this machine. I ran all my sensitive electronics after the hurricane with no problems.

The price and delivery of this unit were both very competitive. I have recommended your... more
Pros: Easy To Use, Price, Reliable, High Quality
Cons: Heavy
Bruce Recommends This Generac Product
Was this review helpful?
Donald S.
Hampton, CT
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 10/7/15
3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5
Buy A Honda
In my opinion the XP10000E is not of the quality I was expecting for the price I paid. There's a cheap feel to it right out of the box. You can't drain the carburetor when you store it even though the float bowl has a screw to do that. Generac chose not to provide access to that screw and suggests owner's should turn off the gas and run the generator out of gas. This method does not fully empty the float bowl and, with today's gasoline, this is a recipe for disaster if you store the generator... more
Cons: Expensive, Low Quality, Poor Customer Service
Donald Does Not Recommend This Product
Mike, the Generator Expert
Product Expert
Sorry to hear about the issues that you've experienced. If you're not satisfied with your local Generac dealership, please keep in mind that Generac has a large network of dealerships.
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
We apologize for any frustration that may have stemmed from your personal experience. Please know that while the idle control feature helps to conserve fuel and reduce the unit's sound output, it's use should not be limiting the voltage output provided by the generator. If you have faced issues getting an independent authorized service provider in your local area to provide any warranty coverage that applies to your personal unit, please contact us directly at 888-GENERAC (436-3722) with your local postal code. Once we are able to obtain this information, we should be able to help you acquire the services that your unit currently requires.
Was this review helpful?
Richard G.
Ivyland, PA
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 12/11/14
Total Reviews
4 Reviews
4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
My First Generator
I needed a back up generator for our home. After reading reviews on generators I settled on Generac. I was going to buy the GP series however after reading about the features of the XP series I put up the extra $1000.00 and purchased it. You get a better motor, warranty, idle control and a bunch of little extras that become meaningful after you begin to use the generator. The unit is solid, well constructed and I do not regret spending the extra money for the XP series.

I paid the extra... more
Pros: Easy To Use, Features, Quiet, I'd Buy It Again
Cons: Expensive
Richard Recommends This Generac Product
Was this review helpful?
Mel P.
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 6/6/16
Total Reviews
3 Reviews
4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Needs To Pay Attention To Detail
Received Generac XP 10000E Generator. Shipping protection inadequate, cardboard was not attached to pallet and had no packing for protection from damage. Battery terminals screws missing. Generator wires not sealed on generator end.
Generator wires were rubbing on the metal access hole to the control panel.Wheel assembly was easy.

As a result of having continued problems with Generacs Power Inlet Box vs Power Cables, I've been unable to load test the machine. I will follow up with a full... more
Mel Recommends This Generac Product
Was this review helpful?
Jim G.
Emmett, ID
Purchased from Power Equipment Direct
Purchased 3/7/13
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
We're Pleased With The Product & The Service!
The website is efficient and easy to use. We were able to get a lot of information, by phone and by reading the on-line reviews. We were not sure of the size or quality of generator to buy, but the 'compare generators' feature was a big help. We found the pay-by-check option to be worth it and easy to use. We got the tailgate service and it was worth it. The generator was delivered in excellent condition and ahead of schedule.

The instructions for the minor assembly were easy to... more
Was this review helpful?
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