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How to Know Which Single-Stage Chute is Right for You.


Single-Stage Chutes

How to Know Which Single-Stage Chute is Right for You

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Single-Stage Chutes

Single-stage snow blowers come with a variety of chute types. The chute control directs which way you blow the snow.

To turn the chute without stopping, consider a model with a Quick Shoot or lever-operated chute.

If you don't plan to turn the chute much, then a manual chute may be fine.

Manual Chute

A manual chute has a handle on the back of the chute. With these, you must stop, walk around the snow blower, and turn the chute by hand.

This poses an inconvenience in comparison to operating the chute while in motion.

Lever Chute

Lever chutes have a lever that you move backward and forward to adjust the chute direction. This enables the user to turn the chute from right to left without stopping.

Lever chutes are one step down from a Quick Shoot chute, and make operating the chute while in motion quite simple.

Quick Shoot
Quick Shoot Chute

Quick Shoot chutes are the most convenient, and offer a smoother form of chute operation. They have a small handle-mounted trigger grip.

To operate a Quick Shoot chute, simply slide the trigger grip up and down to turn the chute from side-to-side.

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