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How to Convert Your Tractor into a Snow Blower. Product experts at Power Equipment Direct provide advice on how to use your lawn or garden tractor with a mountable snow blower


Snow Mowing

How to Convert Your Tractor into a Snow Blower

Lawn Mower
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Snow Mowing

Clearing snow can be exhausting.

To quote Homer Jay Simpson, ďIf somethingís hard to do, then itís not worth doing.Ē But what if itís not hard?

Clearing knee-high snow can be as easy as cruising around on a riding lawn mower. With the right modifications, you can even be comfortable.

By converting your lawn tractor into a snow blower, you can clear that frozen filth away without even standing up!

Snow Blower Attachment
Snow Blower Attachment

If you already own a lawn or garden tractor, you can add a snow blower attachment to it, enabling you to cozy up on your lawn tractor and let its powerful engine do the work.

But the comfort and style doesn't have to end there!

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Cozy Snow Cabs
Lawn Tractor Snow Cab
So now youíre sitting down on the job; but that pesky cold, wind-driven snow is still stinging your skin and causing you to cringe. Well, we donít want you to get frost bite, no matter how sadistic Jack Frost may be!

Fend off the chapped lips and hypothermia by adding a snow cab to your tractor! With a snow cab, youíll be riding in style and staying dry while you sit down on the job.

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Plow Blades
Lawn Tractor Plow
In many cases, a snow thrower wonít get quite as close to the actual surface of your driveway. If you prefer to scrape the pavement clean, which will help ensure less ice formation and make the surface look much cleaner, you may opt to use a tractor-mounted plow blade instead of a snow thrower.

Plow blades get much closer to the pavement so that youíre left with little to no snow on your driveway. We carry a variety of different tractor-mountable plow blades to help you part that sea of snow into magnificent snow-walls.

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Tire Chains
Lawn Tractor Tire Chains
Now, with great power comes great responsibility. If youíre operating a powerful, snow-clearing machine, youíll undoubtedly be the envy of all of your neighbors! However, if you lose traction, slide downhill, and crash your powerful snow-clearing machine through their family-room wall, you may become the enemy of all your neighbors.

To maintain proper traction in that slippery sludge, make sure you have quality tire chains on your tires. Not only will it make things safer, it will make your efforts much more productive and fuel efficient. Spinning your tires does nothing but waste time and fuel. Tire chains help you get more done in less time without wasting gas.

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Wheel Weights
Lawn Tractor Wheel Weights
So we touched on tire chains, but sometimes those just arenít enough. Later in the season, as snow melts and freezes again and again, you may find that your tire chains just arenít digging in enough to get you the traction you need.

Wheel weights, when applied to the rear wheels that power your lawn tractor, will help press the tire chains deeper into the snow and ice. This will help ensure you get appropriate traction and have a lot less trouble getting the job done.

So before you pull a Homer Jay Simpson, and say itís too hard to be worth doing, consider these options for making snow removal a ďpiece of cake.Ē Youíll be glad you did when you are able to walk to your mailbox without putting boots on and trudging through a sloppy tundra!

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