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How To Find A Replacement Chainsaw Chain & Bar. Just input your make, model and bar length and you'll find the exact chain you need


Replacing Chainsaw Chains

How To Find A Replacement Chainsaw Chain & Bar

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Replacing Chainsaw Chains

For those of us who aren't lumberjacks, odds are you don't know the proper chain gauge and pitch for your chainsaw.

No worries, here's the perfect tool to help you find the correct replacement chain or bar.

It's a tool from the world's preeminent chain saw chain manufacturer, Oregon, so you know it's good.

Take 2 easy steps and you'll be sawing in no time.

1. Go to

2. Simply plug in your make, model, and bar length. That's it!

Chainsaw Replacement Chain Selector

The selector will let you know how many drive links, what size chain gauge and which chain pitch you need.

Once you have this information, shop our enormous selection of replacement chains.

And remember if you're ever unsure, feel free to give us call or shoot an email, and we'll be happy to help!

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