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Tips on Using Ethanol Gas in a Lawn Mower. If you must use ethanol fuel with power equipment, make sure you add ethanol fuel stabilizer


Ethanol Fuel and Lawn Mowers

Tips on Using Ethanol Gas in a Lawn Mower

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Ethanol Fuel and Lawn Mowers
To most folks, gasoline seems quite simple.

You get it from the gas station and it powers the engines of your cars, boats and power equipment.

In reality, gasoline is rather complex.

With the increased availability of ethanol gas, the situation gets murkier - and more problematic if you use this type of gas in your mower (or other small engines).

Ethanol Fuel
Ethanol fuel, in America, is used as an additive to gasoline. It is considered a renewable resource because it is produced from crops such as corn or sugar cane.

In the U.S., normal gasoline contains up to 10% ethanol (E10). However, in Midwestern states, where crops are plentiful, gasoline with 15% (E15) ethanol is becoming popular.

Is Ethanol For Me?
E15 gas should only be used by newer cars and trucks. You should not use anything that's higher than E10.

Because ethanol fuel will absorb water directly from the atmosphere and subsequently retain it, ethanol is especially hard on the carburetors of small engines. Also, the higher alcohol content in ethanol fuel is more corrosive to your fuel lines than normal gasoline.

Solution = Stabilizer
Ethanol Fuel StabilizerIf you live in an area where most or all of the gas has ethanol additives, you're not up a river. With the use of fuel stabilizers, you can still safely run power equipment with ethanol fuel.

The stabilizer, specifically designed for use with ethanol fuel, prevents corrosion and removes water from the fuel. It will also clean the entire fuel system, including carburetors, intake valves and injectors.

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