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How to Electrify Your Master Bedroom This Holiday.

People are so smitten with generators these days, wives are asking for them as holiday presents


Lighting Up Your Holiday

How to Electrify Your Master Bedroom This Holiday

Product Expert
Lighting Up Your Holiday

Hear me out, Big Guy.

This year, generators will make great gifts for wives.

Generators are the Tickle-Me Elmo for 2015.

Wait. Wait. Don't head for the exits yet. Let me explain.

Remember Hurricane Sandy?

The storm that sounded like a girl, but hit like a guy. Yeah, that storm.

Most macho men didn't mind weathering the superstorm. We love roughing it.

But, here's the deal. The little missus hated it. She thought it was the worst experience in her life.

In fact, one wife was quoted in the New York Times saying, "The wives in this area don't want jewelry for Christmas. They want generators."

Consider that quote as a wake up call, tough guy. After all, men like us aren't the best listeners. We're not very good at picking the best gifts either.

Don't be a sap and buy more jewelry. You can buy that junk next year.

Standby Generators
This year, get her what she really wants - the security and protection of a home standby generator.

Because, after all, nothing says, "I'm here to protect you, honey!" quite like the gift of power during a disaster.

Oh, don't forget. Most home standby generators can't power every room or circuit in your home.

You just might want to leave the master bedroom in the dark. Wink. Wink.

Top 20kW-22kW Home Standby Generators
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