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How to Manage Two Central Air Conditioners.


Dueling Central Air Conditioners

How to Manage Two Central Air Conditioners

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Dueling Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners literally draw a ton of electricity. Just turn on your AC and see what happens to your electric meter.

If you cannot live without both central air conditioners during a power outage, simply use our chart below to quickly determine your (a) size and (b) switch.

For example, you want to power two 4-ton central air conditioners.

Since an essential circuit standby generator system lacks the intelligence to alternate two central air conditioners, youll need a 14-kilowatt standby generator with a smart circuit automatic transfer switch instead.

As a general rule, if one of your two central air conditioners is a 5-ton model, always go with a 20 kilowatt standby generator with a smart circuit transfer switch.

Always consult with your installing electrician to confirm the starting loads.

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