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How to Pick the Perfect Inflator. The Air Compressor experts at Power Equipment Direct have put together a buying guide about inflators


Inflator Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Inflator

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Inflator Buyer's Guide

Inflators come in a bunch of styles.

Some come with safety lights. Some come with built-in vacuums or jumper cables.

The extra bells and whistles are nice. But, some people overlook what really matters -- how it is powered.

After all, what good is a 120-volt inflator if you're stuck on the highway with a flat tire?

Where you'll be using the inflator will determine which type to buy.

12-Volt Inflators
12 Volt Inflator

These inexpensive inflators plug directly into your cigarette lighter. If you're afraid of deflating tires, put a 12-volt inflator in your glove box or trunk.

They're also great for inflating toys on the road. For example, you can blow up beach balls and sporting goods right in your car.

120-Volt Inflators
120 Volt Inflator

If you want to inflate stuff at home, get a 120-volt inflator instead. They plug directly into your household electrical outlet.

The 120-Volt inflators tend to be more powerful than their 12-volt counterparts. Hence, they inflate things a lot faster. However, they still have limitations; they can inflate car tires (around 30 PSI), but lack the power to fill larger tires, like those on an RV (about 100 PSI).

Cordless Inflators
Cordless Inflator

Cordless inflators are the best of both worlds. They include rechargeable batteries, so you're no longer tied to a power cord.

Plus, most cordless inflators include 12-volt and 120-volt adapters. In other words, you can recharge the batteries on the road or at home.

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