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How to Pick the Perfect Electric Chain Saw. Power Equipment Direct product experts have compiled a buyer's guide with product information, buying tips and advice


Electric Chainsaw Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Electric Chain Saw

Chain Saw
Product Expert
Electric Chainsaw Buyer's Guide

For the average homeowner, using a chainsaw isn't part of routine yard maintenance.

That's not to say you won't ever need one.

If you want a saw to help you spruce trees and clean up after storms, get an electric chainsaw.

Electric chain saws are either corded or cordless:

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Corded Chainsaws
Remington Electric Chainsaw
Although not as powerful as gas chain saws, corded electric models can cut bigger and harder logs than their cordless counterparts. They're ideal for slicing branches and small trees close to the ground.

Powered by extension cords, you'll need to be within 100 feet of a power source to operate one.

Cordless Chainsaws
Cordless Chainsaws
If you don't want to be like a dog on a leash, cut the cord and get a cordless chainsaw instead. They are perfect for small jobs such as cutting branches and trimming limbs.

Cordless chainsaws are powered by rechargeable batteries that will give you about an hour of cutting time. Being battery-powered, these are the least powerful chainsaws, so if you need to cut bigger trees, look for something more powerful.

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