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How to Pick the Perfect Submersible Water Pump. The product experts at Power Equipment Direct have written a submersible water pump buyer's guide


Submersible Water Pump Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Submersible Water Pump

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Submersible Water Pump Buyer's Guide

Submersible pumps come in two styles: utility and trash pumps.

The type of water you'll be moving will determine which type of pump you need.

If you're just removing water, a utility pump will work.

But if you need to move water with solids, debris or sand in it, go with a trash pump.

Submersible Utility Pumps
Utility Pump
Utility pumps are versatile pieces of equipment. You can remove standing water, empty clogged sinks or drain window wells and other areas. The inlet size will dictate how quickly you can remove the water. The more water the pump can take at a time, the faster it can disperse it.

Utility pumps with a float switch makes the use more automatic, as the float will kick the pump on and off so you don't have to watch it. Depending on your application and time involved in the project a float switch can be a real life saver.

If you need to remove water with debris and solids in it, get a trash pump instead.

Submersible Trash Pumps
Submersible trash Pump
If your home gets flooded and the water has lots of silt and sand in it, a normal utility pump would get jammed up with the debris. This is where a trash pump comes in.

Using a heavy duty impeller, the centrifugal force shoots the water and debris out of the pump.

These pumps are more expensive than utility pumps, but are essential if you need to remove dirty water. This most often is the result of river or ocean related flooding.

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