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How to Handle Super-Sized Logs With Ease. The experts at Power Equipment Direct explain how to handle large Goliath-sized logs with ease


Smooth Moves

How to Handle Super-Sized Logs With Ease

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Smooth Moves

Splitting firewood with a gas log splitter doesn't have to require a lot of muscle.

With the right techniques and the right tools, any David can conquer a Goliath-sized log.

So before you go trying to hack a tree into firewood, consider these tips, tricks, and tools to help you succeed.

After all, nobody, big or small, wants to end their day with a hernia.

Cutting Down to Size

splitting vertically
You've gotta crawl before you walk, right?

The same goes here. Before you split into smaller pieces, you'll have to cut the monstrous log into halves.

Using a horizontal/vertical log splitter allows you to pivot into a vertical position and roll the log into place without lifting.

Catch the Break
log splitter cradle
Once you've gotten that big bad thing split down by half, you may be able to lift it onto the splitter.

Once you're able to lift it onto the splitter, you can cut that half into halves, but the pieces may still be too large to catch as they're cut.

Log cradles can help catch the halves as they're split, so that way you're not continuously bending and lifting the pieces.

This is a good thing, because a quarter of a giant log still needs to be split further.

Working in Double-Time
four way log splitter wedge
Now that giant log has been split, and split again, to make it into manageable-sized pieces.

To finish it off, you'll want to make quick and easy work of these remaining pieces.

Utilize a 4-way wedge to split these pieces into small chunks of firewood. Then you're finished.

That's how you make a big job into an easy feat. The right tools and a little bit of know-how goes a long way.

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