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How to Get a Gas Log Splitter Home.


Homeward Bound

How to Get a Gas Log Splitter Home

Log Splitter
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Homeward Bound

It's the ultimate chicken or egg dilemma.

You want an inexpensive gas log splitter to tow around your yard.

Yet, most consumer-grade log splitters are not approved to be towed on public roads.

So, how do you get it home from the store?

Simple. Don't waste your time traveling to the store.

Instead, order your log splitter online.

Log Splitters Direct, for example, includes free freight on all log splitters.

Your gas-powered log splitter is packaged in a sturdy wooden crate and delivered to your door via semi-truck for no charge.

Log Splitters are Shipped in Wooden Crates

If you need help getting it off the truck, you can special order lift gate service for a small fee.

Just uncrate the log splitter and you're in business.

Best of all, you can use the wooden crate as kindling for your next fire!

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