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How to Power Wash Fences.


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How to Power Wash Fences

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Fences are a great addition to any home.

They keep your dogs in the yard, your kids from running out in the street, and provide privacy from your nosy neighbors.

Being exposed to the elements 24/7, 365 days a year can really take a toll on your wood fence though.

Luckily, a pressure washer can turn back the hands of time and make your old wood fence look like new again.

Rotating Scrub BrushWash
Apply detergent from the bottom up to avoid streaks, and allow 5-10 minutes to let it work. Continually add water to any areas that start to dry to prevent the detergent from staining.

Especially dirty spots may need to be washed using a rotating scrub brush. The soft inner-bristles of the brush are propelled by water pressure from the power washer, and will easily take care of heavy stains.
Pressure Washing a Fence

Use a delicate low pressure spray pattern when rinsing the detergent. Wood is very soft, and you don't want to cause any damage to the surface of your fence.

Rinse the detergent from the top down, and work with the grain of the wood. Cover 1 to 2 boards at a time, working in identifiable sections.

Staining A Fence
After washing, let your fence dry for at least 48 hours. Then, seal your fence with paint or a sealer, according to the manufacturer's directions.

After the sealer is dry, your fence will look brand new, like it was put up yesterday.

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