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How to Unclog Your Plugged Gutters.

Using a telescoping wand and a gutter attachment, you can clean your gutters quickly, easily and safely


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How to Unclog Your Plugged Gutters

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Autumn. A beautiful time of the year to watch the leaves fall… into your gutters.

Leaf blowers are great at clearing dry, crisp leaves on the ground. They just don’t work so well on gutters.

Why? It takes a couple weeks for all of the leaves to fall. And, if you're like me, it takes a few more weeks to actually get off the couch and clean your gutters.

While you're watching football, it will rain. In fact, it will probably rain a few times. It takes a little drizzle to compact the leaves into a papier mache-like mess.

Once leaves get wet, they take forever to dry. Your leaf blower can huff and puff like the Big Bad Wolf, but they won't budge.

You can try flushing them out with your garden hose, but it'll just make the big blob of mush even wetter.

You need some serious pressure from a power washer to force the leaves out. Any pressure washer will suffice as long as you’re careful.

Pressure washers will kick back like a shot gun. Using one on a roof or ladder is flirting with an ambulance ride to the emergency room. Your feet should be planted firmly on the ground.

The secret to safely power washing your gutters is getting two important accessories:

1. Telescoping Wand

Telescoping Wands
A must-have tool if your house is two stories or taller. You simply connect your high pressure hose to the telescoping wand.

You can extend the fiberglass or aluminum material by 12-,18- or 24-feet. The 12-foot fiberglass wand is ideal for residential use.

2. Gutter Cleaning Wand
Simply connect this u-shaped wand to the end of your telescoping wand. Stick it inside your gutters at an angle and go wild. The high pressure spray will blast away the leaves in seconds. Plus, the waste water will help clear the downspouts.
Gutter Cleaner

Here’s the only downside. You’re going to get dirty and wet. Rain falls down. So does pressure washer spray.

Before you start, make sure that you’re wearing protective eyewear and a clean Green Bay Packers hat (Go Bears!).

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