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How to Split Fire Wood Twice as Fast.


Cutting Quarters

How to Split Fire Wood Twice as Fast

Log Splitter
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Cutting Quarters

Splitting firewood is a lot like making a wedge salad.

You cut the iceberg lettuce once. Rotate it. Then cut it a second time to make four quarters.

With new 4-way wedges, you can literally cut your splitting time in half.

It basically slips over the existing stationary wedge on your log splitter and divides logs into four pieces in just one motion.

Make sure you match your manufacturer to ensure a proper fit. For example, Ramsplitter wedges only fit the corresponding Ramsplitter log splitters.

Also, match the wedge to the force of your log splitter. It's usually rated by tons.

You'll need a powerful log splitter for these wedges to work. They're not designed for smaller, consumer-grade machines.

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