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How to Pick the Perfect Pro 2-Stage Snow Blower. The product experts from Power Equipment Direct provide consumers with helpful buying advice


Professional Two-Stage Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Pro 2-Stage Snow Blower

Snow Blower
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Professional Two-Stage Buying Guide

A snow removal professional recognizes that snow flakes are liquid gold.

That's why snow removal is all about speed. The more customers you can serve, the more money you can make.

Professional grade two-stage snow blowers are loaded with standard features such as interlocking controls, headlights, remote deflector controls, power steering and cast iron gear cases.

Here are a few upgraded features to consider when selecting a professional-grade two-stage snow blower:

Electric Start or Key Start

Snow Blower Electric Start
All professional grade two stage snow throwers come equipped with an electric-start or key-start function. Which style is better comes down to personal preference.

With an electric starter, just push a button and your snow blower will come to life. It is powered by a cord, so you'll need a starter cord. The key-start option means you will just need to turn an ignition key for the engine to fire up. Either way, you won't wreck
your back or shoulder yanking a recoil pull-start.

Chute Style
Chute Control
You have two basic choices Toros Quick-Stick system, which lets you change chute direction AND chute deflection with one simple, integrated control; or Ariens Quick Turn system, which lets the operator rotate the discharge chute 200 degrees to throw snow in any direction.

Both options give you precise snow discharge control and require far less effort to maneuver than a discharge chute.

Snowblower Heated Grips
Most, but not all, of the professional grade snow blowers include this feature.

The hand grips on the snow blower will actually heat up (just like the seats in a car) to keep your fingers and hands toasty while you work in the cold.

Track Drive
Track-Driven Snow Blower
Track drive snow blowers provide superior traction in any snow condition. No slipping, no sliding, just great control.

Track drive models are ideal for hilly surfaces and inclines, rough ground, gravel driveways and clearing packed snow, like a snowbank or driven over snow. And of course, with a track drive snow blower, you never have to worry about flat tires, or wrestling with icy & frozen tire chains.

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