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What the Future Holds for Dolmar Leaf Blowers. Find out what's happening to Dolmar's leaf blower line, and why there's no reason to fret about it


Where are Dolmar Leaf Blowers?

What the Future Holds for Dolmar Leaf Blowers

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Where are Dolmar Leaf Blowers?

Rest assured, Dolmar leaf blowers are not gone. However, the name will be changing to Makita.

While remaining models under the name Dolmar are still being sold, they will be replaced once they're sold out.

The same design, engineering, and manufacturing goes into providing reliable quality, powerful performance, and ergonomic comfort.

So while the name has changed, the characteristics that made Dolmar a trusted brand still remain.

How Dolmar's Name Changed

100 years
In 1991, Makita acquired Dolmar. While Makita was familiar with electric-powered equipment, Dolmar was experienced with gasoline-powered equipment.

Combining their knowledge and expertise enabled them to create an outstanding marriage of raw power and cutting edge technology.

For approximately 25 years now, the two brands have continued to market and sell their equipment under different names. But because Makita has built such a strong brand name for itself over the years, they’ve decided to merge their outdoor power equipment and Dolmar’s products under one name – Makita.

Continuing Dolmar Quality
For those of you who have loyally stood behind the Dolmar name, you can trust that you’re getting the same product.

Makita gas-powered equipment is exactly the same in design and quality as the Dolmar power equipment.

The two companies joined forces 25 years ago, so many of the Dolmar models made over the years have had an equivalent Makita model as well. The only real differences were the color and the name.

How the Changes Will Take Place
Any Dolmar leaf blowers still in stock will be sold, and then the change will take place.

You'll see that Makita leaf blowers have the same quality design and features that you've come to love and expect from the Dolmar name.

So whether you're a Makita fan or a Dolmar fan, you'll be able to get the same great blower you've come to trust in the blue/teal Makita leaf blowers.

The same transition will be taking place for chainsaws and string trimmers as well. However, while the chainsaws will carry over the warm red coloring from Dolmar, the string trimmers and leaf blowers will be sporting the Makita blue/teal coloring.

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