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How to Clean Stadiums and Fairgrounds Fast. When blowing through a straw doesn't get the job done, consider the right tools


Cleaning on the Clock

How to Clean Stadiums and Fairgrounds Fast

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Cleaning on the Clock

If you run an outdoor cleaning service, you know the importance of leaf blowers.

If you're new to the business, perhaps you need some advice on what kind of equipment to use.

Whether reviving fairgrounds in late summer or cleaning stadiums Monday morning, there are tools required to get the job done fast.

After-all, time is money. So the faster you finish one job, the sooner you can start the next.

Breezing Through Large Areas
walk behind blowers
When you're cleaning a wide-open area, like a stadium or a field, you want to harness the power of a hurricane.

Walk behind leaf blowers are the perfect tool for the job. They roll over terrain like a lawn mower, but they blow trash and leaves effortlessly over large distances.

What sets these beasts apart is their combined CFM and air speed that push leaves and trash with the power of three or more backpack blowers combined.

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Nooks, Crannies, & Grandstands
backpack blowers
While walk behind leaf blowers can move large quantities of trash and leaves over massive open areas, they aren't ideal in tight spaces.

A stadium job, for example, should begin with blowing trash out from under grandstand seating, blowing it down the stairs, moving trash from entrances and under bleachers.

For these kinds of spaces, it's much easier to use a backpack blower. Once you're finished blowing the mess out of the nooks, crannies, and grandstands, you can move it all into a pile with a walk-behind blower and haul it away to the city dump.

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Hose Kits for Walk Behinds
Billy Goat Force Blower Hose Kit
For some jobs, you can simply add a hose kit to help you reach behind bushes and inside raised flowerbeds.

While a backpack blower is still the best option for cleaning grandstands, hose kits may be all you need to reach tighter spaces for cleaning fairgrounds or parking lots.

At around 10 feet long and 4 inches wide, you can save on an extra blower and still reach into tight spaces with lots of air flow.

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